If you’re looking for another way to market your business try joining forces with another business nearby your store. By teaming up with other non-competitive businesses in your area you can increase your exposure to potential customers and help the other business gain customers as well.

For example, you can team up with a local florist. Are your customers purchasing a gift for a birthday, valentine’s day, mother’s day, or other special occasion? Collaborate with your local flower shop to offer a discount to your customers and let those customers know that a beautiful flower arrangement would go great with their gift purchase. In turn the flower shop can offer a discount to your store to encourage shoppers that a nice card, small gift, chocolates, or jewelry would go great with their flower order.

Or perhaps there is a local bakery in the area? Birthdays and special occasions are great opportunities to promote your store’s gift giving possibilities. As a bakery customer orders a cake, pastry, or other baked good you can ask the bakery to promote your store reminding the customer that a great gift, or last-minute item can be found at your store just a short distance away. Plus, don’t forget to encourage your shoppers to familiarize themselves with the bakery as well. A small baked treat can be a perfect addition to their perfect gift, or even a great pick-me-up for themselves!

Cross promotions can be relatively easy as well. Something as simple as adding one another’s promotional material in customer’s shopping bags, or hanging signs or posters for each other’s store, or printing small promo’s for each other on receipts can all be great marketing tools.

There are almost endless ways to team up with other businesses in your area and these ideas work especially well with any gift giving holiday, such as Christmas, Valentine’s day, Easter, Mother’s day, or Father’s day and graduations. Teaming up with another business helps increase advertising, plus it allows you to reach a broader customer base for very little cost.