Ohio Wholesale Profile

Ohio Wholesale has been in the giftware industry for over 30 years. Using a team of in-house artists the company strives to create quality merchandise at great prices for retail business owners.

Along with the main company, Ohio Wholesale, there are additional sister companies. Kennedy’s Country Collection joined with Ohio Wholesale in 2004 and produces product with a vintage country style. Countryside Finds is Ohio Wholesale’s cash and carry division specializing in offering deep discounted and specialty items to buyers.


8 thoughts on “Ohio Wholesale Profile”

  1. Sunnie Ebel said:

    I would like to become a wholesale buyer. What proccess do I need to complete to make this happen?

    DFW New Beginnings Church
    Book Store Manager

    • The process to become a wholesale buyer is different depending on what state you live in, but you would need to get some sort of tax ID number in order to buy wholesale. Here in Ohio you would need to get a Federal Employer Identification number, EIN, by applying online at http://www.irs.gov and going to the business section of the website. There is an online form there that can be filled out to receive the number as well as additional information on becoming established as a business.

  2. I have a flower shop just outside of Haret, WV. I woukd like to become a wholesale purcher on things for the home. We do fresh cut, silk and some wood work. I am the owner and senior designer of my shop. I have been established sence 1990. I have a WV. tax number. Please respond as soon as possible.

    • All that we require at Ohio Wholesale is a valid tax ID number, which you already have, and you can be set up as a customer by calling us at 1-877-745-5050. A customer service person will get you set up and you will be able to order from us.

  3. I am starting an ecommerce online business for primitive home decor and i’m finding it impossible to find a drop shipper to work with that has nice quality and selction to choose from. They all seem to have general stuff to sell and I want more than that. I like homemade, unique, warm, inviting items to sell and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen for me. I can’t buy wholesale because I don’t have a physical store or storage space to keep it. Do you have a drop ship program.

  4. I have had surgery and I missed the e-mails. I am back to work and am ready to work. We sell a lot of primitive that we make. We are always interested in new product. Looking forward to getting started.

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